How to increase memory limit for PHP in cPanel

Are you get a problem with increase memory limit for php in cPanel? Let’s make this easy. When you’re running a WordPress website or any website, sometimes it needs more memory space to work well.

This memory space is what we call the ‘PHP memory limit‘. Just like how we can only remember so many things at once, your website has a limit too. If your website needs more space to think, you can give it more by going to your website control panel, also known as ‘cPanel’.

In the cPanel, look for ‘PHP’ and then find ‘memory_limit’. Change this to make your website’s brain bigger. It’s like giving it a bigger notebook to write things down. I’ll show you how to do it, so don’t worry. We’ll help your WordPress website think better in no time!

Simple. Just head over to the cPanel dashboard and configure the ‘memory_limit’ option under the PHP section. Follow along as I guide you through the process, ensuring your PHP memory limit increase in WordPress is as seamless as possible.


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Tanvir Brain
Tanvir Brain

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