Mayosis – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme Review

Mayosis Digital Marketplace WP Theme Review

We will Discuss about of Mayosis Best Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme.

The Mayosis WordPress theme is most popular in the whole WP theme market. Basiclly this theme is popular for Digital Marketplace where you will sell your Digital product like image, Graphic Template, Theme, Font and so on. Whatever, Are you seeking a digital marketplace theme and start your Digital Product Business? I know, You have seen some Multi-vendor Marketplace like Themeforest, Templatemonster, Etsy and More Market. i hope you get an idea from all these marketplaces. Maybe that’s why you’re dreaming of a marketplace or you want to start your own business on your own platform. WordPress is the best way to avoid the hassle of other coding websites. Which you can easily handle if you have a light mind.


Anyway let’s get to the point, If you would like to create a marketplace For Selling Digital Product, You Can start at low cost with Most Favourite Digital Marketplace theme “Mayosis”  

This theme is fully customizable, you can create any kind of marketplace with this theme. It has lots of features like User Profiles, Digital product sales, Notifications & Discount System and many more.. Try it Now and Get Your Marketplace Ready! 

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Build Your Own Marketplace with Mayosis Digital Marketplace Theme

Mayosis is the perfect Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme to launch your online shop. Basically templates, arts, tutorials, music, ebooks, stock photography, stock footage, themes, plugins, code snippets, Softwares or digital services Whatever digital product you want to sell, Mayosis is the best solution for you. Take a look at some of the features that make this theme great.


Mayosis seamlessly integrates with the powerful Easy Digital Downloads plugin, making it a top-notch choice for anyone venturing into the digital marketplace arena. With Mayosis, you have the freedom to create your own online marketplace, similar to renowned platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Themeforest, or CreativeMarket.

II. Overview of Mayosis (Word Count: 300)

Mayosis has a rich history and has been meticulously developed by a talented team of WordPress experts. Its popularity in the market is a testament to its effectiveness in building robust digital marketplaces. The theme offers a myriad of key features, including unparalleled design flexibility, seamless compatibility with WooCommerce, and a responsive layout that ensures a flawless experience on any device. With Mayosis, users can create a user-friendly and customizable digital marketplace that caters to their unique needs.

Key Features and Functionalities

Product Management and Attributes

MayosisWordpress theme vendors with an intuitive product management system. Sellers can effortlessly add, edit, and remove products, ensuring their storefront remains up-to-date. The theme also allows the assignment of attributes to products, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they need.

Vendor Dashboard and Controls

Vendors are provided with a dedicated dashboard that grants them full control over their digital storefront. They can manage products, track sales, and view performance analytics, ensuring they stay on top of their business.

Multiple File Support and Download Options

Mayosis goes beyond the standard file support, enabling vendors to offer multiple files for a single product. This feature is particularly useful for digital products like e-books or software. Customers can easily access and download their purchased files hassle-free.

Integrated Affiliate System

The built-in affiliate system in Mayosis encourages more significant traffic to the marketplace. Affiliates can promote products and earn commissions, fostering a thriving ecosystem for both vendors and affiliates.

Review and Rating System

Customers can leave reviews and ratings for products they have purchased, fostering transparency and trust within the marketplace. Positive reviews can boost a vendor’s reputation and attract more potential buyers.

Seamless Payment Gateways

Mayosis seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways, offering customers multiple options to complete their transactions securely. This flexibility improves the overall shopping experience and contributes to higher conversion rates.

User Experience and Interface

Mayosis excels in providing an exceptional user experience to both vendors and customers. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for anyone to navigate and use the platform effectively. Compared to other digital marketplace themes, Mayosis stands out due to its focus on simplicity and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

Exclusive Features of Mayosis:


1. Full Easy Digital Downloads Integration:
Seamlessly manage and track all your digital sales with the powerful Easy Digital Downloads plugin integrated into Mayosis.

2. Visual Composer Page Builder

Mayosis Theme Built with with ease using the included Visual Composer plugin & Elementor Builder, saving you time and effort in designing your marketplace.

3. Contact Form 7 Support

Communicate effortlessly with your customers using the Contact Form 7 support, ensuring smooth interactions.

4. Front End Submission Support

Empower others to sell their digital products on your platform, expanding your marketplace’s offerings.

5. 1 Click Demo Import

Get started quickly by importing demo content with just a single click, kickstarting your digital marketplace in no time.

6. Full Featured Blog Engine

Keep your audience engaged with a full-fledged blog engine, allowing you to share valuable insights, updates, and announcements.

7. Multilanguage Support

Reach a global audience with multilanguage support, making your marketplace accessible to users from different regions.

8. Font Awesome Support

Enhance the visual appeal of your website with Font Awesome support, offering a plethora of beautiful font icons.

9. Advanced Theme Options Via WordPress Customizer

Customize your website to your heart’s content using the WordPress Customizer, giving you full control over the appearance.

10. Child Theme Facility

Safeguard your customizations with the child theme facility, allowing you to update the theme without losing your changes.

11. Live Cart Functionality

Enhance the shopping experience with live cart functionality, providing real-time updates to your customers.

12. Offer Freebies Along with Premium Products

Attract more customers by offering freebies alongside premium digital products, increasing customer engagement.

13. Custom Header Option

Tailor your website’s header to your liking with unlimited customization options, aligning it with your brand identity.

14. Counter/Statistics for Products or Downloads

Keep track of product sales and downloads with built-in counters and statistics, gaining valuable insights into your marketplace’s performance.

Regular Features of Mayosis:

1. Retina Ready, Up to 5K Display: Ensure your website looks stunning on high-resolution screens with retina-ready compatibility.

2. Bootstrap 1170px Grid Layout: Enjoy a structured and responsive layout, providing seamless browsing across various devices.

3. Fully Responsive to Any Device: Reach your audience on the go with a fully responsive design that adapts to any screen size.

4. 800+ Google Fonts: Access a vast library of Google Fonts to add a touch of elegance and personality to your website.

5. Neat & Clean Code Structure: Benefit from an organized and optimized codebase, ensuring smooth performance and easy customization.

6. Cross Browser Friendly: Reach users across different browsers with Mayosis’s cross-browser compatibility.

7. Search Engine Optimized: Improve your website’s visibility and attract more visitors with Mayosis’s search engine optimization.

8. Sticky Header Functionality: Enhance user experience with a sticky header that remains visible as users scroll down the page.

9. Built For Ultra Fast Loading: Keep your visitors engaged with a fast-loading website, minimizing waiting times.

10. Free Regular Updates: Stay ahead with the latest features, improvements, and security patches through regular theme updates.


In conclusion, Mayosis – the Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme, is your all-in-one solution to build a robust and flourishing online marketplace.

With its seamless integration of Easy Digital Downloads, user-friendly features, and a plethora of customization options, Mayosis is the go-to theme for anyone looking to excel in the digital marketplace arena. Empower yourself with Mayosis and unlock the potential of selling your digital products like never before!


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